Thursday, 24 July 2014

T-Shirts Galore!

Yay! A chance to craft once again! It's funny how good it feels to do something creative when you haven't had the opportunity to do so for a little while (like a three-week vacation!).

This time, it's all about the T-shirts. I had a couple of ideas for my elder kidlet, so here they are. She happens to be a huge Doctor Who fan, and I've seen some really cool T-shirts out there, so I thought I'd pull out the ol' freezer paper and make some stencils.

TARDIS stencil...

Paint added...

Adding back detail...

All painted!
I didn't rotate this one. *sigh* Completed shirt front.
Completed shirt back!
So needless to say, she loves her new shirt, and there's already a list of other Doctor Who-themed shirts she wants made! I may have to put one together for myself, too! :)

The second T-shirt I made for her is a fun one that was inspired by this blog post. I chose to do a Canadian maple leaf on a red T-shirt. Sorry the photos aren't great; my phone is my quick go-to device for these pictures, and sometimes they don't turn out very well.

Maple leaf stencil and paint dots!
Completed shirt. Looks better in real life, I think.
My daughter did most of the dot application on this one. I filled in a few gaps once she claimed she was done.

Two new, cool T-shirts for my kid to wear, and many more to come -- including one upcycled shirt that I'm working on right now! I hope to have a new post up very soon to show you!


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