Friday, 6 June 2014

To The Maxi!

Hi, all!
We've sadly been awfully neglectful of this poor blog, but that's what happens when life gets in the way of everything else!

Due to a number of family medical issues -- and that aforementioned *life* in general -- I haven't had much time to craft lately at all. That doesn't stop my Pinterest boards from growing by leaps and bounds, though!

Today I thought I'd tackle an easy refashion that I'd been thinking about for a while -- a maxi skirt! I had this sundress I'd picked up at the thrift store hanging in my closet for ages.

I didn't take pictures throughout the entire process, but all it involved was chopping off the shirred portion at the top, then folding over and pressing first 1/4" then 1.5" to create a casing for elastic. I stitched close to the folded edge, leaving a gap of a few inches through which to insert elastic. I measured a piece by wrapping it around my waist and marking the length with a Sharpie.

After that, I inserted the elastic and safety-pinned the ends together so I could try it on again. Thankfully, this was a smart idea. I needed to tighten the elastic more in order for the skirt to feel properly snug at the waist. Once I made this adjustment, I stitched the overlapped elastic twice with a zigzag stitch, then closed the gap on the waist.

And... ta-da!

I know, it doesn't look very different, but it is. Unfortunately, because I'm tall, the skirt doesn't quite go down as long as I would have liked -- even though I cut it as close to the shirring part as I could. It's okay. It's still light and flowy and extremely comfortable. So it's all good! And besides, I have a couple of other thrifted sundresses that are just begging to be made into maxis, too... :)

In other crafting, I also put together some bracelets a while ago, following this tutorial. Very cute, and very easy.

Anyway, that's it for now. My list of projects is huge, and now that life looks a little more normal *knocks on wood*, I hope to get on top of them. Watch this space for new posts (hopefully) soon!

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Wendy Roberts said...

Beautiful! We need to see it on :)