Monday, 18 February 2013

Happy Birthday To Us!

Welcome to our blog about all things crafty! We know there are myriad excellent blogs to choose from out there that instruct and inspire, so we’re glad you’ve come by here to see what we’re all about!

So why did we decide to start up a blog? The truth? Practicality!

The conversation went something like this:

Tanya: I need a place to catalogue the stuff I’ve been making lately. You know, just to have a record of it all. I’m thinking of starting a blog, but I don’t know if I really want to.

Paula: Want to do one together?

Tanya: Uh... YES!

And there you have it. What followed was a long, drawn-out conversation about the name of this blog. Because we all know the name is important. It has to be just right, or it won’t feel good. So lists of brainstormed ideas were sent back and forth, ranging from the questionable (“Two girls and their stash.” Hmm. Does that sound drug-related??) to the obscure (“Recreation Compilation.” What, too Big Bang Theory?).

Finally, the breakthrough conversation went like this:

Tanya (in a fit of mild frustration): How about “Two Girls Who Quote 80s Pop Song Lyrics”?

Paula (in a brilliant flash of insight): Hey! What about just “Two Girls Who...”?

What followed was a moment of stunned silence, the type that usually follows a discovery of genius proportions. (We may or may not have then whooped and hollered. Those details are best left private. We’ve got reps to protect, y’know.)   

And after a few more minor details -- like formatting and designing the blog, and discussing parameters and wishlists -- we arrived where we are today -- our very first blog post!

So at this moment in time, we’re not going to be so regimented as to post blog entries on specific days -- they’ll just be up when they’re up, although we promise to have new content ready as often as we can -- so we hope you’ll pop back regularly. Even better, feel free to click on the tabs on the right to “follow” this blog. That way you’ll be notified when there’s something new to see. Also, we don’t expect this to be a very tutorial-heavy blog. You’ll get our spin on what others have done (properly credited, of course!), but we’re not always going to be making things up ourselves. Although you never know!

On that note, thanks again for stopping by, and here’s to Two Girls Who... might do a few fun things! Stay tuned!


Stephanie said...

Ha! Laughed out loud a few times reading this and cannot wait to read more. Definitely subscribing. :)

EditorTanya said...

Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for your kind comments! Hopefully we'll be able to keep you laughing!

(And no more caffeine for me, because it's apparently causing a side effect of too many exclamation points!)!