Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Back In The Saddle!

Hello, all!
Apologies for the terribly long hiatus, but hopefully this post means we're back in the saddle -- craftily speaking, of course!

My first project back at the sewing machine came from some lovely flannel snowflake fabric I'd purchased as well as this pattern:

New Look #6170
Interestingly enough -- as with other sewing projects based on patterns -- the part that took the most time was the pinning and cutting. On top of that, in order to save the other sizes in the pattern, I made a copy of the pattern by tracing it onto tissue paper. Frankly, that took a heck of a long time. But I'll be glad of it in future, I think!

Anyway. The pattern was relatively easy to sew, with two exceptions: first, the top makes use of bias tape around the collar to finish it, which was a little challenging for me (but doable!), and second, the instructions were lacking in that there were no details on attaching the sleeves to the body of the top. No problem, I have just enough sewing experience to know how to do the work!

By the way, no, I did not go searching online for errata for this pattern. I didn't bother. But there may be something out there.

Bottom line, here's the finished result!

I think they turned out awfully cute! I'm going to use a similar pattern to make a matching pair for my older daughter -- I bought plenty of that material when it was on sale!

So...I don't know what my next project will be, but rest assured I'll blog about it when the time comes! :)

Cheers, and keep on craftin'!

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