Sunday, 21 July 2013

Pillowcase Dresses...Yet Again!

I stumbled on a pair of absolutely gorgeous embroidered pillowcases at my local Value Village thrift store and I had to snap them up right away. I knew I wanted to make matching garments for my two girls, but I kept putting it off. I wanted to try a new technique for the neckline than my normal method.

I didn't take any photos during the assembly. I mainly used this site for the style, but I referred to this site because she's got a great list of measurements to use.

So here are the completed items -- my younger monkey got a full dress out of it, but my elder kidlet ended up with a top (the pillowcases weren't long enough to make her a dress).

And here's a photo or two of the girls wearing their new outfits. They sang two little duets at our local Bible camp, and everyone there thought they were just adorable! (Well, I think they are, too, but I'm just a tad biased!)

Two little songbirds!

 One more project to check off the list! I'll be back soon with more...!

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