Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Happy Birthday To Paula!

It's a little late in coming, but my co-hostess with the mostess celebrated a milestone last week. I thought I'd whip something up for her that I'd been seeing all over teh Interweebz -- a lollipop bouquet!

40 Sucks AND blows! Get it?? Heh.
These are really quite easy and fun to make. You simply need a container of some sort, some floral foam, your lollipops, some sort of medallion or tag, and any decorations you might wish to add.

Cut a piece of foam to fit the inside of your container. Start poking lollipop sticks into the foam -- as artfully as possible, mind -- until you reach your required number. I used a wooden BBQ skewer to hold my little sign. (It's attached to the stick with glue dots.) For a little bit extra, I tied some matching ribbon around the skewer.

Now here I'd like to take a moment to point out that, unless one is Le Martha, one generally can't be good at everything.

I am not good at graphic design. There, I admitted it out loud. If I could have gotten Paula the design queen to make her own sign, I would have. But that's okay. She knows I had only good intentions in mind.

I will also admit to you that I completely lucked out with the colour-co-ordination of this project. I didn't realize the lollipop wrappers would match the design on the flowerpot. (Hey, I could have fibbed and told you all I planned it that way, but that ain't how I roll.)

And finally, the card says "sucks AND blows" because I used suckers with bubble gum inside. Pretty darned clever of me, dontchathink?

On that note, stay tuned, because more neat posts are coming your way!

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Paula Rey said...

And let me tell you... Everyone has been sucking the lollipops and blowing the bubblegum at my house! (as well as my munchkins can) Thanks so much bud for making my 4-0 memorable! Now how about I go back to being 38? Hmm??? -Paula